Minty Feature Update Release (12/01)

1 min readDec 1, 2021




  1. Add search bar
  2. Add recommended post section
  3. Add top 5 twitter 7d growth and user likes of influencer
  4. Add Notification center
  5. Show member’s NFT portfolio on profile (Noted: only NFTs on OpenSea will be shown)


  1. Add Category for project (Upcoming/Launched)and influencer
  2. Add sorting by pageview
  3. Add project’s introduction on project page
  4. Update Twitter and Facebook share meta to show the image and the page title
  5. Add Etherscan contract link on project page
  6. Add OpenSea link on project page
  7. Set sale date notification for Upcoming project
  8. Show Like and Dislike listing on Project/Influencer detail page


  1. Add post likes
  2. Add feed and post link preview
  3. Add post detail page and share Link


  1. Improve MetaMask mobile connecting on switching accounts
  2. Add a new language: Simplified Chinese


  1. Add Category for project (Upcoming/Launched)and influencer


  1. Add Category for project (Upcoming/Launched)and influencer
  2. Implement app push of sale date notification
  3. Add Influencer NFT portfolio
  4. Add community subtab on project page