How to upvote a project on Minty

Oct 14, 2021


Minty is here to show the true community opinions of NFT projects. Each NFT user can interact with listed NFT projects by either upvoting or downvoting the project. This action will impact the project’s ranking and score. To give your favorite project support, just follow the steps below.

First, validate that you are a real NFT user by simply logging into Minty with a supported crypto wallet. (Verification purpose only)

(login page)

Then, go to “Ranking” and choose the project you like. Click the thumbs-up button to upvote.

(Ranking page)

Also, you can give a thumbs-up to the project on its page as well.

(Project main page)

Upvoting is a privileged feature only for logged-in users. In the near future, we will improve the user experience by introducing more features and functions for the user to interact with NFT projects.

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